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What I Do

  • Tell compelling stories through text, visuals and video
  • Dig into data
  • Talk about arts, culture and social justice
  • Spend too much money on plants

What I've Done

Relevant skills

  • Writing, editing, page design
  • Social media management
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python
  • Photography and videography
  • Intercultural competence (und ein bisschen Deutsch!)


OU Venezuelan students struggle to focus, stay strong amid political unrest back home

On March 7, 2019, blackouts swept Venezuela, lasting for a week. I localized this national story in less than two days by talking to Venezuelan students my university about how it affected them, thousands of miles away.

Shawnee couple visits every town in Oklahoma

Three generations of the Sims family achieved their goal of visiting all 594 towns in Oklahoma. I browsed their family photos and talked to them about some of their favorite destinations for this article.

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art exhibit 'The Great Society' showcases portraits from Oklahoma artist's hometown

I talked to family and friends of a deceased artist to learn what made him tick, and specifically why he painted 97 nameless portraits of people in his hometown.

Oklahoma's first Indian restaurant closes

A quick-turn-around article written on tight deadline when a beloved community restaurant closed.

Blue Collar Criminals: OKC marijuana business thrives near jail

In June 2018, medical cannabis was legalized in Oklahoma. This article investigates how an ironically-named dispensary –– and its proximity to the county jail –– indicate Oklahoma’s changing attitudes toward marijuana.

Shawnee man adopts pair of zebras

I took photos and created a fun video to attract attention on social media for this article about an elderly man who keeps adopting exotic animals for his farm. This story drove website traffic and remained on of the top stories for several weeks.


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Shawnee man adopts pair of zebras

This is a social media video I created in Adobe Premier to accompany a an article on a local man who collected wild animals.

Second Chance Employment: Tucara Taylor

Holding down a job can be a vicious cycle for individuals with a past in prison, and Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate in the country. This video and text piece I created with a fellow student tells the story of Tucara Taylor, who was given a second chance after 19 felony convictions.